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Treu, Simon; Muis, Sanne; Dangendorf, Sönke; Wahl, Thomas ...
Data to reproduce the analysis of the Hourly Coastal water levels with Counterfactual (HCC) dataset, presented in the publication "Reconstruction of ...
Treu, Simon
Source code to produce the data, analysis and figures for the paper "Reconstruction of hourly coastal water levels and counterfactuals without sea le...
Marwan, Norbert
Dataset of recurrence plot bibliography. Scripts to retrieve additional data (paper citations and authors' affiliations) and to perform some statisti...
Muis, Sanne; Dangendorf, Sönke; Irazoqui Apecechea, Maialen; Dullaart, Job ...
This Zenodo archive contains essential input datasets utilized in our research study titled "Reconstruction of hourly coastal water levels and counte...