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Most Recently Released Items

Helfmann, Luzie; Heitzig, Jobst; Koltai, Péter; Kurths, Jürgen ...
Agent-based models are a natural choice for modeling complex social systems. In such models simple stochastic interaction rules for a large populatio...
Edwards, Tamsin L.; Nowicki, Sophie; Marzeion, Ben; Hock, Regine ...
The land ice contribution to global mean sea level rise has not yet been predicted with ice sheet and glacier models for the latest set of socio-eco...
Li, Yunfei; Zhou, Bin; Glockmann, Manon; Kropp, Jürgen P. ...
In this study we analysed the multi-annual (2002–2011) average summer surface urban heat island (SUHI) intensity of the 5000 largest urban clusters i...
Ludescher, Josef; Martin, Maria A.; Boers, Niklas; Bunde, Armin ...
Network theory, as emerging from complex systems science, can provide critical predictive power for mitigating the global warming crisis and other so...