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  Clash of Titans: A MUSE dynamical study of the extreme cluster merger SPT-CL J0307-6225

Hernandez-Lang, D., Zenteno, A., Diaz-Ocampo, A., Cuevas, H., Clancy, J., Prado, P., Aldas, F., Pallero, D., Monteiro-Oliveira, R., Gomez, F., Ramirez, A., Wynter, J., Carrasco, E., Hau, G., Stalder, B., McDonald, M., Bayliss, M., Floyd, B., Garmire, G., Katzenberger, A., Kim, K., Klein, M., Mahler, G., Nilo Castellon, J., Saro, A., Somboonpanyakul, T. (2022): Clash of Titans: A MUSE dynamical study of the extreme cluster merger SPT-CL J0307-6225. - Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 517, 3, 4355-4378.

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Hernandez-Lang, D.1, Author
Zenteno, A.1, Author
Diaz-Ocampo, A.1, Author
Cuevas, H.1, Author
Clancy, J.1, Author
Prado, P.H.1, Author
Aldas, F.1, Author
Pallero , D. 1, Author
Monteiro-Oliveira, R. 1, Author
Gomez, F.A. 1, Author
Ramirez, Amelia 1, Author
Wynter, J. 1, Author
Carrasco, E.R. 1, Author
Hau, G.K.T. 1, Author
Stalder, B. 1, Author
McDonald, M. 1, Author
Bayliss, M. 1, Author
Floyd, B. 1, Author
Garmire, G. 1, Author
Katzenberger, Anja2, Author              
Kim, K.J. 1, AuthorKlein, M.1, AuthorMahler, G.1, AuthorNilo Castellon, J.L. 1, AuthorSaro, A. 1, AuthorSomboonpanyakul, T. 1, Author more..
1External Organizations, ou_persistent22              
2Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, ou_persistent13              


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 Abstract: We present MUSE spectroscopy, Megacam imaging, and Chandra X-ray emission for SPT-CL J0307-6225, a z=0.58 major merging galaxy cluster with a large BCG-SZ centroid separation and a highly disturbed X-ray morphology. The galaxy density distribution shows two main overdensities with separations of 0.144 and 0.017 arcmin to their respective BCGs. We characterize the central regions of the two colliding structures, namely 0307-6225N and 0307-6225S, finding velocity derived masses of M200, N = 2.44 ± 1.41 × 1014M⊙ and M200, S = 3.16 ± 1.88 × 1014M⊙, with a line-of-sight velocity difference of |Δv| = 342 km s−1. The total dynamically derived mass is consistent with the SZ derived mass of 7.63 h−170 ± 1.36 × 1014M⊙. We model the merger using the Monte Carlo Merger Analysis Code, estimating a merging angle of 36+14−12 ° with respect to the plane of the sky. Comparing with simulations of a merging system with a mass ratio of 1:3, we find that the best scenario is that of an ongoing merger that began 0.96+0.31−0.18 Gyr ago. We also characterize the galaxy population using Hδ and [O ii] λ3727 Å lines. We find that most of the emission-line galaxies belong to 0307-6225S, close to the X-ray peak position with a third of them corresponding to red-cluster sequence galaxies, and the rest to blue galaxies with velocities consistent with recent periods of accretion. Moreover, we suggest that 0307-6225S suffered a previous merger, evidenced through the two equally bright BCGs at the centre with a velocity difference of ∼674 km s−1.


Language(s): eng - English
 Dates: 2022-08-302022-09-032022-12
 Publication Status: Finally published
 Pages: 24
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 Rev. Type: Peer
 Identifiers: Organisational keyword: RD4 - Complexity Science
PIKDOMAIN: RD4 - Complexity Science
MDB-ID: No data to archive
DOI: 10.1093/mnras/stac2480
Model / method: Quantitative Methods
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Title: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Source Genre: Journal, SCI, Scopus, p3
Publ. Info: -
Pages: - Volume / Issue: 517 (3) Sequence Number: - Start / End Page: 4355 - 4378 Identifier: CoNE: https://publications.pik-potsdam.de/cone/journals/resource/journals348
Publisher: Oxford University Press