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Journal Article

The Berlin principles on One Health – Bridging global health and conservation


Gruetzmacher,  Kim
External Organizations;

Karesh,  William B.
External Organizations;

Amuasi,  John H.
External Organizations;

Arshad,  Adnan
External Organizations;

Farlow,  Andrew
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Gabrysch,  Sabine
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research;

Jetzkowitz,  Jens
External Organizations;

Lieberman,  Susan
External Organizations;

Palmer,  Clare
External Organizations;

Winkler,  Andrea S.
External Organizations;

Walzer,  Chris
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Gruetzmacher, K., Karesh, W. B., Amuasi, J. H., Arshad, A., Farlow, A., Gabrysch, S., Jetzkowitz, J., Lieberman, S., Palmer, C., Winkler, A. S., Walzer, C. (2021): The Berlin principles on One Health – Bridging global health and conservation. - Science of the Total Environment, 764, 142919.

Cite as: https://publications.pik-potsdam.de/pubman/item/item_24635
For over 15-years, proponents of the One Health approach have worked to consistently interweave components that should never have been separated and now more than ever need to be re-connected: the health of humans, non-human animals, and ecosystems. We have failed to heed the warning signs. A One Health approach is paramount in directing our future health in this acutely and irrevocably changed world. COVID-19 has shown us the exorbitant cost of inaction. The time to act is now.