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EUBUCCO v0.1: European building stock characteristics in a common and open database for 200+ million individual buildings


Milojevic-Dupont,  Nikola
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Wagner,  Felix
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Nachtigall,  Florian
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Hu,  Jiawei
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Brüser,  Geza Boi
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Zumwald,  Marius
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Biljecki,  Filip
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Heeren,  Niko
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Kaack,  Lynn H.
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Pichler,  Peter-Paul
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research;

Creutzig,  Felix
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Milojevic-Dupont, N., Wagner, F., Nachtigall, F., Hu, J., Brüser, G. B., Zumwald, M., Biljecki, F., Heeren, N., Kaack, L. H., Pichler, P.-P., Creutzig, F. (2023): EUBUCCO v0.1: European building stock characteristics in a common and open database for 200+ million individual buildings. - Scientific Data, 10, 147.

Cite as: https://publications.pik-potsdam.de/pubman/item/item_28921
Building stock management is becoming a global societal and political issue, inter alia because of growing sustainability concerns. Comprehensive and openly accessible building stock data can enable impactful research exploring the most effective policy options. In Europe, efforts from citizen and governments generated numerous relevant datasets but these are fragmented and heterogeneous, thus hindering their usability. Here, we present eubucco v0.1, a database of individual building footprints for ~202 million buildings across the 27 European Union countries and Switzerland. Three main attributes – building height, construction year and type – are included for respectively 73%, 24% and 46% of the buildings. We identify, collect and harmonize 50 open government datasets and OpenStreetMap, and perform extensive validation analyses to assess the quality, consistency and completeness of the data in every country. eubucco v0.1 provides the basis for high-resolution urban sustainability studies across scales – continental, comparative or local studies – using a centralized source and is relevant for a variety of use cases, e.g., for energy system analysis or natural hazard risk assessments.