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Synchronization Induced by Layer Mismatch in Multiplex Networks


Anwar,  Md Sayeed
External Organizations;

Rakshit,  Sarbendu
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Kurths,  Jürgen
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research;

Ghosh,  Dibakar
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Anwar, M. S., Rakshit, S., Kurths, J., Ghosh, D. (2023): Synchronization Induced by Layer Mismatch in Multiplex Networks. - Entropy, 25, 7, 1083.

Cite as: https://publications.pik-potsdam.de/pubman/item/item_28949
Heterogeneity among interacting units plays an important role in numerous biological and man-made complex systems. While the impacts of heterogeneity on synchronization, in terms of structural mismatch of the layers in multiplex networks, has been studied thoroughly, its influence on intralayer synchronization, in terms of parameter mismatch among the layers, has not been adequately investigated. Here, we study the intralayer synchrony in multiplex networks, where the layers are different from one other, due to parameter mismatch in their local dynamics. In such a multiplex network, the intralayer coupling strength for the emergence of intralayer synchronization decreases upon the introduction of impurity among the layers, which is caused by a parameter mismatch in their local dynamics. Furthermore, the area of occurrence of intralayer synchronization also widens with increasing mismatch. We analytically derive a condition under which the intralayer synchronous solution exists, and we even sustain its stability. We also prove that, in spite of the mismatch among the layers, all the layers of the multiplex network synchronize simultaneously. Our results indicate that a multiplex network with mismatched layers can induce synchrony more easily than a multiplex network with identical layers.