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Most Recently Released Items

Fohlmeister, Jens; Sekhon, Natasha; Columbu, Andrea; Vettoretti, Guido ...
Ice core records from Greenland provide evidence for multiple abrupt cold–warm–cold events recurring at millennial time scales during the last glacia...
Lessmann, Kai; Kalkuhl, Matthias
Interest rates are central determinants of saving and investment decisions. Costly financial intermediation distorts these price signals by creating ...
Upadhyay, Himani; Vinke, Kira; Weisz, Helga
In this paper we ask: why do people in rural agrarian communities facing increasing migration pressures from changing climatic conditions, stay? We a...
Murken, Lisa; Kraehnert, Kati; van den Broek, Karlijn L.; Adriko, John ...
This paper applies a mental model approach to study the role of tenure security in farmers’ decisionmaking on agricultural investment in Uganda. We i...